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New Orleans - Travel Guide with @FeastonthisNYC
New Orleans - Travel Guide.png
New Orleans Travel Guide - Lorenzo Mitil
New Orleans Travel Guide - Lorenzo Mitil

New Orleans is a historic city filled with energetic entertainment, live music, and great food. We (Sidonie and I) received several recommendations from locals via Instagram of their must-visit locations. We (Sidonie and I) jam-packed our four days in Nola and visited as many of those places as possible. Check out our recommendations above.

I’ve attached a Google Map Link to use as a guide for distance and to help plan your trip.

Don’t forget to check out @feastonthisnyc on Instagram.

Google Map - Link

Lower Manhattan and Ilford Delta 3200

It’s been about two years since I started shooting all of my personal work on film, and I felt it was only right I share my recent experience with Ilford Delta 3200 and a few photos from my photo walk with my friend and fellow photographer Chris T. Ramos.

Ilford Delta 3200 is a grainy high-speed black and white film that is great for night photography, concerts or fast moving subjects (If you’ve never shoot 3200 film - I’d recommend shooting at it 1600 ISO). With that being said, I choose to shoot the film stock during the day and during early sundown.

While shooting a roll of Ilford Delta 3200, I decided to use my Fujifilm GA645. I figured the two paired well because it has an internal light meter and a fairly fast lens. The film stock produced images that were contrasty and had a beautiful grain. After seeing the images developed and scanned in - I will definitely consider shooting the stock at 1250 ISO which will overexpose the roll by one stop.

What makes film so exciting are the varieties of film stocks available and the unique qualities each produce. I definitely recommend giving it a go.

All of the photos were developed by my go-to photo shop called Luster Photo & Digital in the East Village, NYC.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Him - Under $150

My girlfriend was recently looking at gift guides online to find a Christmas present for me. She mentioned that all of the gift guides for men only listed technology, booze, socks and watches.

I’ve listed a few of my favorite items that will please even the pickiest guy on your list this holiday season.

Item 1

Item 1

Item 2

Item 2

Item 3

Item 3

Item 4

Item 4

Item 5

Item 5

Item 6

Item 6

Item 7

Item 7

Item 8

Item 8

Item 9

Item 9

  1. Reigning Champ Heavyweight Terry Crewneck Sweatshirt in Heather Grey, $140 - premium athletic wear

  2. Minimal lines Framed Art Print by Leandro Pita, Society6, $52.99 - wall art to design any space

  3. July Nine Sequel, $26 - nylon tote that’s functional, stylish and has unique roll up

  4. The James Brand, $60 - compact stainless steel blade with a pry bar that triples as a key ring, bottle opener and screwdriver.

  5. Converse One Star Premium Suede Low Top, $75 - a fresh take on one of the most iconic shoe designs

  6. Carhartt WIP Watch Gloves, $35 - stay warm this season with stretchable rib-knit fabric

  7. Cereal Magazine New York City Guidebook (single issue), $25 - 30 select points of interest, photo essay of the city, illustrated neighborhood map, interviews and essays from celebrated locals

  8. Stálogy 365 Days Notebook, $17.50 - Minimalist notebook with a durable cover with gold-tone branding. Thin, bleed-resistant, 4mm grid-ruled paper. Hour numbers printed along left margin. Months, dates and days of the week printed atop each page

  9. Blue Bottle Coffee Gift Subscription, ($72 for 3 months, $144 for 6 months) - Half bag (6oz) of a changing selection of whole bean coffee. Delivered every other week.

10 Questions and Answers
Coffee Shop Interior x Lorenzo Mitil

In this post, I will be answering a series of questions asked by my readers and followers— about blogging, photography, social media, sites and apps. Thank you to everyone who sent over questions! Have any more? Don’t forget to send them over.

Favorite websites?

  • Ideasgn - ideasgn.com

  • Monocle - monocle.com

  • Field Mag - fieldmag.com

  • Uncrate - uncrate.com

  • Ello - ello.co

Did you use Squarespace to build your site and if you do…how you like it?

  • I did! I love the Squarespace platform and how easy it is to create and update pages. I definitely recommend it for anyone that needs a site.

If you can travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

  • I’d love to go to Tokyo, Iceland or London. Maybe 2019!

Recent movies you’ve watched?

  • Isle of Dogs, Inherent Vice

What’s your pet peeve?

  • Being late.

How much do you edit your photos?

  • When it comes to editing film photos - I rarely touch them up. I normally only remove the dust and scratches, and sometimes I adjust the highlights if the whites are too bright.

What do you use to scan your film?

  • At home, I use an Epson V600.

What cameras do you use?

  • Canon 7D, Mamiya RB67, Fuji GA645, Canon AE-1 Program, Canon Elan, Polaroid OneStep 2 and a Polaroid Land Camera

Can you recommend an app I should try…

  • Unfold. The app is the great for making minimal Insta Stories with templates. Using the app will definitely take your stories to the next level.

Favorite Coffee Shop in NYC?

  • Depends on where I am in NYC. Here are a few of the ones I go to the most:

    • La Colombe Noho

    • Ludlow Coffee Supply

    • Gasoline Alley

    • Devocion - Williamsburg

    • Saturdays NYC - Crosby Street