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Why I Took A Break From Blogging
Why I Took A Break From Blogging - Lorenzo Mitil

If you haven't noticed - I took a hiatus from updating my blog. 

It's only right I start blogging again and with a post explaining why I took a break. I stopped blogging because I needed to remember why I started. When I started, I was excited and couldn't wait to share my daily routines, projects I'm working on, pictures from traveling, stories from people I've met, and what inspires me. I was filled with inspiration.

Here's why I took a break:

  1. As a creative, you sometimes get into a funk. It happens to the best of us. I was feeling uninspired and looked for other ways to express myself.

  2. Life is really busy at the moment. I've been working on finding the next step in my career. Updating my resume, networking, attending events and looking for new opportunities is time consuming. I wasn't able to dedicate enough time to maintain the blog.

  3. We live in an age that demands and gets instant gratification. When I was maintaining my blog, I found myself posting blog entries for quantity reasons, not quality. In return, I was getting "burned out".  I needed to recharge.

With that being said - I'm looking forward to blogging and posting again. 

Apps I Can't Live Without

Let's face it - our mobile phones are more important than we would like to admit. I look at my phone as soon as I wake up, throughout the day and before I go to sleep. Here are my favorite apps that I use on a daily basis. 

Google Drive - Create, share and keep all your stuff in one place. It's great for uploading and downloading files from wherever you are. I personally prefer using the Google Drive rather than Dropbox and iCloud because its integrated with my Gmail account and integrates nicely with other apps.

Platform(s): Android , iOS

Paypal - I use the Paypal app to send and receive money either to or from friends and family. You can make payments in stores or online, make donations, as well as manage bank and payment card information.

Platform(s): Android , iOS

Spotify Premium - I'm constantly listening to music and love discovering new genres and artists. Spotify Premium allows you to download music, listen to music ad-free, share playlists, play any song and my favorite feature -- it gives you unlimited skips. 

Platform(s): Android , iOS

Light Meter - If you shoot film like me you'll know how important it is to use a light meter and get properly exposed photos. Do light meter apps actually work? Absolutely, but they work within the limits of what the phone camera allows. Occasionally, I forget my light meter and this is option B when that happens.

Platform(s): iOS

Unfold - By far my favorite app for Instagram stories. It allows you to create beautiful and engaging stories with easy-to-use templates. The templates give you the option of using different layouts, texts, images or videos.

Platform(s): Android , iOS

VSCO - There are a lot of great photo editing applications out there. I personally choose to use VSCO because I've used it for quite some time and its great for turning simple iPhone photos into great snapshots. The VSCO app has several presets to use for free and for purchase. The app also features an explore option that allows you to follow, post photos, and discover new artists. I will eventually post a more in-depth use and review of the app. 

Platform(s): Android , iOS

Summer (so far) on Polaroid Film

Summer is here. 

Ah, yes the sun is out, and it is once again that time of year to pack your bathing suit, sunscreen, and head to the beach. 

If you have any questions about the camera, the film or would like to see tips on shooting in general - write in the comments below!  

All of the shots above were taken with Polaroid Original 600 film with Rose Gold Borders